Newton Creek WWTP Visitor Center Fountain | Brooklyn, NY

JTI was selected to fabricate a large fiberglass fountain designed by renowned New York artist Vito Acconci for the Newtown Creek WWTP Visitor Center. The final structure is over 100’ long, 45’ wide and 12’ high. Included in the scope of services and supply was a full scale working model to demonstrate the flow and cascading effect of the water and the design and fabrication of the mold structure. The fountain’s enormity and unique cascading design made for a challenging but successful fabrication experience. Six pumps keep water flowing continuously at a combined rate of 5,000 gallons per minute. In addition to specific fabrication techniques and design drawings for the fountain, JTI designed, fabricated, and validated the fountain’s fiberglass piping system and overall functionality through a hydro-test at JTI’s facility in Birmingham, AL prior to shipment.