Miami Art Museum Hanging Gardens | Miami, FL

In 2009, Herzog & de Meuron unveiled their finished design for the new Pérez Art Museum Miami. As the delegated engineer, jti designed and fabricated a complete superstructure for all seven chambers of the museum’s lush vertical greens. Each chamber has 8 to 11 custom fiberglass tubes for a total of 67, designed for hurricane wind forces up to 146 miles per hour. The tubes are 18 inches in diameter, vary in length from 28 feet to 51 feet and weigh as much as 1.5 tons.

The vertical garden is the design of renowned French botanist, Patrick Blanc. Each plant is placed in pockets of felt with irrigation supplied through a recycle system traveling through rings of nozzles at various locations on each tube. jti provided analysis for hurricane wind force, finite element, vortex shedding, bending stress, tension rod and compression strut pre-loading. Additionally, jti provided installation and fabrication drawings, lifting plan, maintenance instructions and on-site installation assistance.”